Why Attend the WCI?

Wondering why you would want to attend the Women’s Conducting Institute? Here are 5 good reasons:

1. The Women’s Conducting Institute is the first program of its kind in Canada.

On the rare occasion that women conductors get to participate in workshops specific to them, it’s often through a short session at a larger conference. The WCI is an entire 3-day event focused on women conductors — opportunities like this don’t come along every day!

2. The WCI provides a chance to connect with other women conductors.

While there are more women in the field than ever before, it’s still not uncommon to be the only woman conductor (or one of very few) in your geographical area. At the WCI you’ll be able to build your professional community with other women conductors from across North America.

Note: The Women’s Conducting Institute is inclusive of any participant who gender identifies as female.

3. The WCI sessions are about topics relevant to YOU.

Women conductors often have challenges or concerns that aren’t addressed at larger conferences. The WCI offers women-specific workshops, including conducting gesture (Body Image & Physical Awareness, Physical Strength; Poise & Prowess), rehearsal technique (Words Matter, Podium Persona), Women’s Podium Leadership (presented by Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt) and more!

4. The WCI allows you to refine your conducting in a supportive community of like-minded women.

At the WCI, you won’t just be sitting in workshops taking notes. A special masterclass led by the all-women Blue Engine String Quartet will give you the added opportunity to hone your instrumental conducting, and each day will conclude with a roundtable discussion so you can explore these topics and experiences together with your peers.

5. The WCI will enhance your experience at HCCI 2019.

Conductors who participate in the WCI can keep the momentum going by staying on to participate in the 5-day Halifax Choral Conducting Institute, putting into practice everything they have learned in masterclasses with Michael Zaugg (Artistic Director/Conductor, Pro Coro Canada) and a professional lab choir. Plus, we’ve given you a day off in between so you can play tourist in Halifax while you let everything sink in!