Who Should Apply

Since its inception, over 125 conductors from across North America have attended the HCCI for a week of intensive and integrative conductor education. With a holistic curriculum (musicianship through Dalcroze Eurhythmics, rehearsal techniques, gesture, and repertoire) and a collaborative atmosphere, choral conductors of all levels have found the HCCI to be challenging and inspiring.

Active Conductors

(Limited to 12 conductors)

The Active track is open to intermediate or advanced choral conductors with prior choral conducting experience. Active Conductors are required to submit conducting footage and a musical résumé with their applications.

Active Conductors will:

Participate in all group sessions

Conduct the Choir-in-Residence in masterclasses and performance*

Be mentored in a one-on-one conducting coaching

Have the option to sing with the Choir-in-Residence (see below)

Auditing Conductors

(Unlimited enrolment)

The Auditing track is open to all levels of choral conductors, including those who are new to choral conducting.** Auditing Conductors should have prior musical training and choral singing experience.

Auditing Conductors will:

Participate in all group sessions

Observe conducting masterclasses

Have the option to sing with the Choir-in-Residence (see below)

New for 2020 — Sing with the HCCI Choir-in-Residence!

By popular demand, there will be an option for HCCI conductors to sing in the Choir-in-Residence in 2020! This option is open to conductors with semi-professional and professional singing experience. Please indicate your interest on the application form.

* Each Active Conductor will be assigned specific repertoire to rehearse with the Choir-in-Residence and perform at “Conductors in Concert.”

** Undergraduate and high school students can participate as Auditing Conductors at a discounted rate.

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